I taught elementary school in Chula Vista, CA between 1996-1999 before pursuing my graduate studies. I credit those early classes on critical pedagogy with helping me frame my current teaching style – one that is community driven, engages with multiple learning styles and modalities, and is collaboratively focused. I’ve enjoyed teaching at the University level since 2003 and am always thrilled to learn from, and with, all of the students I’ve worked with over the years. If you are interested in exchanging syllabi on any of these classes, send me a message!

Courses Taught

  • Gender and the Borderlands

  • Race and Ethnic Relations

  • Gender, Migration and Human Rights

  • Women in Global Context

  • U.S./Mexico Border in Comparative Perspective

  • Chican@/Latin@ Studies

  • Chicana Feminisms

  • Chican@/Latin@ film

  • Women and Society

  • Chicanx/Latinx Popular Culture

  • Decolonial Chicana Feminisms