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Resistencia y Amor documents the Cosme Damian/Mumia Abul Jamal Caravan from Tijuana/San Diego meeting up with the 2001 Zapatista caravan arriving to Mexico City. (In Spanish and English.)
by Michelle Téllez


Through interviews and documentary footage, Workers on the Rise follows the history and work of the Arizona Worker Rights Center, a local non-profit organization that tracks labor rights violations, challenges abusive employers, promotes worker friendly legislation and develops worker leadership and community in Phoenix. 
(In Spanish and English.) Full Version
film edited by Justine Garcia and directed by Michelle Téllez

Centro Social Seco introduces viewers to an autonomous social, cultural, and political center in Madrid, Spain. (In Spanish with no subtitles.)
 by Michelle Téllez

"Singing My Way To Freedom" tells the story of Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez a southern California musician, community organizer and cultural worker – from his rural,  farm worker origins to the formation of his community-based musical group, from his  activist role in the Chicano movement to his influence on the folk music scene  in California and beyond.  This 90-minute film examines how Sanchez’s personal  development as a musician and movement figure is interwoven with the broader history  of the Chicano community, from the 1960’s right through to today’s immigrant rights’  protests.   This film is both a documentary biography and an exploration  of the cultural and political  history of California and the Southwest in the second half of the 20th  century. I've been working as an advisor to the film with filmmaker Paul Espinosa since 2012.